A Travelers Guide to Healthcare in South Africa

The Cost of Healthcare in South Africa

State healthcare can cost around ZAR 55 per visit, compared to around  ZAR 350 – ZAR 400 per consultation through private healthcare services

Payment Methods Available in South Africa

If you are not using insurance, major credit and debit cards are accepted. Cash is still a widely accepted payment method too

Visiting a Pharmacy

Pharmacies in South Africa are easily accessible and can be found in shopping malls or main streets.  Most close at 5pm or 7pm

If you need to contact emergency services in South Africa, you can call 112 from any mobile phone

Emergency & After-Hours Healthcare

Seeing a Specialist

Like many other countries, you will usually need to be referred to a specialist by a GP

Telehealth Services

Although still in the early stages of adoption, all kinds of telehealth services are available in South Africa

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