Cleaning Your Lungs After You Quit Smoking

Repairing your lungs after you quite smoking will take some time

It takes an average of 9 months for your lungs to return to a healthier state.

Fortunately, there are some ways to help your body and lungs along during the healing process

Reduce or avoid the following foods:

•  Dairy •  Fast food •  Caffeine •  Processed food •  Candies and sweets

Increase your intake of:

•  Pineapple •  Spicy roots •  Honey •  Leafy greens and herbs •  Radishes •  Citrus fruits

Drink more:

•  Green tea •  Carrot juice •  Ginger and turmeric •  Honey and hot water •  Lemon water

Bonus tips:

•  Avoid smokers •  Keep your home well     ventilated •  Practice breathing     exercises •  Start exercising or     exercise more often

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