Can Antibiotics Make You Tired?

There are 2 types of antibiotics:

•  Broad-spectrum antibiotics: Fight a wide range of bacteria  •  Narrow-spectrum antibiotics: Fight only specific kinds of bacteria

is not a common side effect of most antibiotics, but it’s not unusual to experience some fatigue


There are a few things you can  do if you experience antibiotics fatigue

Give yourself time to adjust to the medication Get some rest Avoid alcohol and driving Take the antibiotics at night

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Other antibiotics side effects include:

 Dizziness  Headaches  Anxiety  Allergies  Nausea  Diarrhea

Medications that can interact with antibiotics include:

– Antacids – Antifungals – Antihistamines – Blood thinners – Diuretics – Muscle relaxers – Birth control

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