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“Independent doctors are the heart of our business.” – Jenny Cohen Derfler, Founder & CEO of Air Doctor

Today’s private medical practices are recognizing the need to implement new technologies that streamline the patient outreach process, enabling them to attract new patients in a way that was unimaginable just a few short years ago. While many offices focus on modernized treatments and record management software, the most successful ones are also tapping into a free platform that allows them to boost private bookings from travelers from around the globe.

Widespread connectivity has created a new global system of vacationers, ex-pats, and business travelers who explore new regions for longer periods of time. Doctors are already familiar that while backpacking, working, or even sunbathing, many of these patients become injured or fall ill and have nowhere to go. Calling back home to their insurance company, a patient with a non-urgent injury or illness will be directed to an Emergency Room, even though there may be a highly-skilled medical professional next door who speaks their native language.

This legacy practice by insurance companies of recommending people be treated in a foreign language within a foreign system leaves patients feeling overwhelmed and untrusting of local medical professionals. Through Air Doctor, local doctors in these areas are helping ill patients in their private offices, delivering personalized care travelers need while abroad.

New Patients

Today’s personalized world is proving that Emergency Rooms are an outdated fallback system. With hundreds of millions of global travelers annually, Doctors can now address nearly 90% of these medical cases, effortlessly filling schedules and expanding their client base from their town, to the world.

Recognizing doctor opportunity and traveler needs, Air Doctor is actively building up its global network of over 7000 physicians and medical care specialists in every region. Designed to help Doctor’s showcase their abilities, Air Doctor gives an always-free platform to doctors in exchange for caring for sick patients. At the same time, Air Doctor manages marketing and partnerships to get more clients out of hospital ER’s and into private offices.

One of the key features is that it takes the payment process out of the patient’s hands.

Thousands of times a month, ill travelers are opening up their mobile application to search this network, filtering doctors by region, specialty, language, and rating. Then, with a quick tap of a button, they can see a physician’s open time slots and book instantly.

“Independent doctors are the heart of our business. Thanks to them, we are able to help travelers from around the globe to find high-quality and local care. Doctor’s who list their specialties on our always-free platform enable ill travelers to book quickly, receive treatment, and move on with their journey.”– Jenny Cohen Derfler, Founder & CEO of Air Doctor.

Everything, including payments, are handled through Air Doctor. A patient can leave a review, letting future travelers know that the person who cared for them is a helpful, intelligent, and trustworthy doctor for anyone else in the area who becomes sick.

New Revenue

With more doctors setting out to open their own practices, bringing in new patients is one of the most tedious and stressful tasks of any private practice. Assisting with this, Air Doctor will make private practices easily findable to any private patient in the area who is seeking your specialty.

For doctors who want to focus on medical care, not marketing, Air Doctor is key for building an online presence.

Being a trusted companion for today’s savvy traveler, the Air Doctor mobile application automatically directs patients to private practices, free of charge, by matching qualifications with their needs. To increase the likelihood of a good match, all doctors need to do is list spoken languages, qualifications, and specialties along with open time slots. This will allow patients to instantly book an appointment allowing them to easily find qualified practices where they can be treated without any of the usual booking headaches.

One of the key features is that it takes the payment process out of the patient’s hands. Air Doctor manages all payments, ensuring that every doctor is paid for every visit.  Upon registering a practice, Air Doctor verifies key information and agrees on a fixed price per basic consultation. Payments are managed by Air Doctor’s mobile application or website, allowing doctors to see noticeable revenue increase, worry-free.


Instant connectivity has allowed countless businesses to flourish. For doctors who want to focus on medical care, not marketing, Air Doctor is key for building an online presence. Giving each physician a personal profile, they are connecting with numerous patients monthly. When patients leave a review, it allows for private visitors to see not only a doctor’s skills but how they’ve helped others as well.

This stable and growing platform is free of membership fees, sign-on fees, or any other fees. If those who want to join thousands of verified, globally recognized physicians and specialists, visit air-dr.com/ or email [email protected].

Jenny Cohen Drefler

Jenny Cohen Derfler

Air Dr CEO & Co-Founder

Jenny is the CEO and one of the Co-Founders at Air Doctor. She spent more than 20 years at Intel, most recently as general manager of its manufacturing facility in Israel and before that in various engineering and manufacturing roles in Silicon Valley. Air Doctor is her second startup having previously founded electric vehicle company ElectRoad.