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10 Places to Go for Epic Views of Budapest

Now that you've booked your trip, here is where you should go if you want to take in the most unforgettable views of Budapest.

Updated: 12 April 2022

Budapest, the Magyar metropolis, is without a doubt one of Europe’s most magnificent travel destinations. The are many reasons for this. Not only is Budapest renowned for its exquisite architecture and its affordable prices, but it has a diverse cultural beauty, a vibrant nightlife, thermal baths, and enough top-notch restaurants and pubs to keep everyone satisfied.

If you’re planning a visit, then bringing a camera for some exquisite photos is a must. To ensure you get the best shots and have an unforgettable experience, here’s where to go for the best views of Budapest.

Where is Budapest Located Exactly?

If you want to take in the beautiful views of Budapest, you’re going to need to head to the river Danube, in central north Hungary. Budapest is Hungary’s principal political, commercial, cultural, and industrial center.

A number of leading airlines offer flights to Budapest, including direct flights, so you won’t be short on choices.

Now, let’s get into those viewing spots.

Top 10 Spots for the Best Views of Budapest

1. Matthias Church

Source: Unsplash

The story behind Matthias Church began in the 13th century, so naturally, it has a long and complicated history – witnessing occupations, wars, fire, and reconstructions. According to the plans of Frigyes Schulek, the church finally found its final Neo-Gothic style in the early 19th century. But to see the church’s best views of Budapest, you’ll need to climb 197 steps in the tower of Matthias Church – there’s no elevator. The structure towers 78 m high, and the terrace offering jaw-dropping panoramic views and sits at 46 m. Once you’re there – the climb would’ve been well worth it.

2. Citadel

Source: ArrivalGuides

Located at 235 meters atop the Gellert Hill, the Citadel is a fortress built in 1854. Today, this Budapest landmark is featured in the UNESCO World Heritage program, and for good reason too. The Citadel has long been one of the best places to get a panoramic view of Budapest. The stunning landscape views span across the city, and it’s also one of the most popular relaxation places for both tourists and locals. When it comes to Budapest, this spot is definitely Instagram-worthy.

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3. Budapest Castle Hill

Source: We Love Budapest

Breath-taking views or not, Castle Hill, should be on everyone’s Budapest bucket list. Luckily Castle Hill does offer quite a few amazing vantage points. Head to the south side of Budapest Castle district, walk through to the National Gallery, and get a view over most of Pest, the Chain Bridge, and the Parliament.

4. Fisherman’s Bastion

Source: Unsplash

Another incredible vantage point located close to the Budapest castle is the Fisherman’s Bastion. The views offered here are the type that will send shivers down your spine. This place is an excellent viewpoint over the Danube River, the Parliament, and the city’s sweeping skyline. Make sure you go at sunset, position your camera towards the Parliament building, and try to capture a few boats cruising down and up the Danube for a compositional masterpiece.

5. Zugliget Chairlift

Source: Unsplash

Now this is what views of Budapest are made of – a panoramic view with a difference. And all you have to do is sit back and let the Zugliget Chairlift do the work. This romantic, retro attraction features two-seater gondolas that scale the side of János Hill – the highest in Budapest – with shuttles 15 minutes apart. Watch in amazement as Budapest unfolds in front of you as you ascend. Bus No.291 from Nyugati station takes you all the way there. The chairlift is run by the same BKK company as city buses but requires a special ticket sold on-site.

6. Saint Stephen’s Basilica

Source: Unsplash

The St. Stephen’s Basilica is one of Budapest’s most popular tourist attractions. The Basilica itself is an example of beauty in architecture with two bell towers and grand celestial stained-glass windows. It’s the biggest church in Budapest and was named one of the most photographed spots in the world in 2014. You can opt to climb the stairs or take the elevator to the rooftop, which boasts a circular balcony that encompasses the dome. From here, you can take breath-taking panoramic shots of the whole city on clear days or just let yourself be carried away by the landscape.

7. Budapest Eye

Source: Riesenrad Events

Where better to take in the views of Budapest than a leisurely trip on the Budapest Eye. Inspired by the London Eye, Budapest’s is a bit smaller and not as tall but still offers an incredible perspective of the city that you’ll love to take in.

8. Rooftop Bars

Source: We Love Budapest

One thing Budapest does not lack is rooftop bars. So, nightlife enthusiasts that want to relax while enjoying panoramic views of Hungary’s capital city won’t be disappointed. One of the best bars to visit is the 360 Bar located atop one of the tallest buildings on Andrassy Avenue. As its name suggests, the bar boasts a phenomenal 360-degree view of Budapest. The only thing to remember is that the bar is only open throughout summer.

9. Philosophers’ Garden

Source: funiQ

Hidden away in a quiet, green area up Gellért Hill from Elizabeth Bridge is the Philosophers’ Garden, and as far as views of Budapest go, it’s no less spectacular. Comprising a cluster of statues representing the world’s major religions, this is a must-see attraction for those who appreciate spirituality and culture.

10. Elizabeth Lookout Tower

Source: We Love Budapest

The Elizabeth Lookout tower is located in the hills of Buda atop Janos Hill – remember this is the highest point in Budapest. Well, to appreciate this view, you can either hike or take a chair lift to the peak, but whatever you choose, it will be worth it since the views are unforgettable.

Other Things To Do in Budapest

Before you start booking flights and gathering essential travel documents, here are a few other attractions to add to your itenary if you have the time:

  • The Szechenyi Baths. These 18 turquoise pools are filled with warm medicinal water, which comes from a natural source that is known for its healing effects. Enjoy the bright yellow colors and the modern Renaissance style.
  • Evening Cruise On the Danube River. Take in the city at night with a one-hour evening sightseeing cruise on the Danube River. Say cheers to Budapest with a beverage of your choice and see the top landmarks and monuments along the shoreline.
  • Jewish Heritage Guided Walking Tour. Discover the history and heritage of the Hungarian Jewish community with this eye-opening walking tour of Budapest. Visit the Dohany Steet Synagogue, the Jewish Museum, the Holocaust Cemetery, and the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park.

We hope this list of viewing spots will make your trip to Budapest one of your most memorable vacations yet.


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