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The Most Beautiful Places In The World – What to See Next

Wondering where to find the most beautiful places in the world? This list has all the information you need for your next adventure.

It’s time to dust off your passport; the most beautiful places in the world are waiting to be ticked off your travel bucket list. From bustling, colorful streets in Havana and cherry-blossom-decorated Japan to the ancient city of Bagan – it’s almost impossible to decide what you should see first.

A List of the Most Beautiful Places In The World

Jerusalem, Israel

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Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel and is as unique as she is special. The Old City is a surreal and vibrant place. It marries places of prayer with exquisite designs and acts as a fortress for some of the world’s most sacred religious sites. The Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount, one of the oldest works of Islamic architecture, and Kotel, one of the holiest places in the Jewish faith, are must-see sites.

Havana, Cuba

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Hot nights in Havana, anyone? The island nation’s crumbling façades are shrouded in lively magic that enchants traveling artists, cigar smokers, and rum fanatics. Not to mention Hemingway fans, since it’s also where the illustrious author wrote seven of his books while drinking Mojitos at La Bodeguita del Medio. It’s no wonder it was also featured in this list of the prettiest Caribbean islands

Mount Fuji, Japan

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A pilgrimage site for centuries, Fuji-san is the tallest peak in the country. Considered a sacred mountain and symbol – one of Japan’s three sacred mountains – summit hikes are a popular activity. On a clear day, the majestic Mount Fuji can be spotted from Tokyo – but the best way to view the active volcano is by taking the bullet train from the capital to Osaka. Travel tip: sit on the right-hand side for uninterrupted views. The surrounds of Hakone and Fujigoko are also worth a visit, especially during the well-beloved cherry blossom season.

Marrakesh, Morrocco

The Most Beautiful Places In The World
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Popular for its rich marketplace lifestyle, the walled city of Marrakesh still holds the ancient Berber influence in its maze-like alleys. Explore thriving Souq stalls laden with fragrant spices, traditional textiles, pottery. But the kaleidoscopic place also offers a modern side with a contemporary art scene and quirky boutique stores – Marrakesh is ripe with places to discover, from sizzling street-food stalls to mosques, palaces, and gardens.

Cape Town, South Africa

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If you enjoy panoramic landscapes, astonishingly beautiful beaches, and delicious wine, then Cape Town is perfect for you. The Mother City is a hub of blended local cultures, a mountain lover’s paradise, and a trove of vineyards producing some of the world’s best wine. Hike up the famed Table Mountain or any of the other unspoiled hiking trails, meander through the region’s Winelands to “farm-hop”, and enjoy the salty breeze and breathtaking views along the way. 

Cinque Terre, Italy

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A lively hub of brightly colored cities and breathtaking coastal and mountain trails as far as the eye can see – the Cinque Terre is considered the most romantic stretch of the Italian Riviera. Dating back to the early medieval period, the region comprises a string of five fishing villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore, all linked by a scenic trail. Perhaps the tricky logistics only add to its appeal – playing hard to get with the adventurous at heart. With quaint sites to uncover within each town, you cannot dispute that the Cinque Terre villages are among the most beautiful places on earth.

Death Valley, California

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While it has an ominous name, Death Valley is also devastatingly beautiful. But this Californian beauty is not for the faint of heart – along with deserts in the Middle East and the Sahara, the valley is one of the hottest places on earth. In 2019, Death Valley reached a record temperature of 53°C – the region is one of extremes, scorching sands, wildflower meadows, and even snowy peaks. The Artists Palette is a popular area, a series of multi-colored hills, whose coloring is caused by the oxidation of the mountains’ natural metal deposits.

Cappadocia, Turkey

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At the mere mention of Cappadocia, images of colorful hot air balloons flood the brain. But even without all the candy-hued bubbles floating along the skyline, the Turkish city is a beautiful sight to see. The semi-arid region is known for its distinct “fairy chimneys” – tall, cone-shaped rock formations located in Göreme, Monks Valley, and elsewhere, used as dwellings in ancient times, making the destination particularly interesting for history buffs.

Jaipur, India

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Famously known as the “Pink City”, the Hawa Mahal – translated as Palace of the Winds – is one of the most incredible examples of rosy-hued architecture. The colonnaded City Palace complex oozes ancient opulence with gardens, courtyards, and museums.  India’s Jaipur evokes images of royalty – probably because the royal family formed this ancient Rajasthani region in 1727, and to this day, part of it still is a royal residence.

Mostar, Bosnia

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It only takes one look to notice that Mostar, Bosnia is one of the most beautiful destinations on earth. Seemingly dating back to the medieval ages, the breathtaking city was only built in 2004, as a reconstruction of the 400-year-old original – which was destroyed in the 1990s during the Croat-Bosniak War—known for the iconic Stari Most (Old Bridge), a reconstructed medieval arched bridge. The painful, rich history of Mostar only adds to its modern-day beauty. Today the bustling city’s cobblestoned alleys are filled with lively market stalls that still hold remnants of the former Ottoman frontier.

What Is The Most Beautiful Place In The World Of 2021?

It’s difficult to pick just one destination when the globe is brimming with beautiful travel destinations. So, add some of the most beautiful places on earth to your travel bucket list and gradually enjoy the splendors the world has to offer.


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