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12 Strange Places from Around the World You Should Take the Time to See

Enjoy exploring the more unusual tourist destinations? Here are a few you should definitely add to your list.

There are so many fascinating, weird and wonderful places to see across the globe and if you prefer to see the attractions that you won’t find in your usual tourist guide books, here are a few unusual and unique sites to add to your growing list.

1. Die Rakotzbrück

Location: Germany

Constructed during the 19th century, Die Rakotzbrück has a reflection that merges with the water below, forming a perfect stone circle, regardless of where you view it from. Many of the locals also refer to it as ‘Devil’s Bridge’ because it can only have been built by the hands of the devil. The bridge is definitely more renowned for its aesthetics than functionality and makes for beautiful photos.

Die Rakotzbrück_Unusual Places
Source: Unusual Places

2. Spotted Lake

Location: British Columbia

During the summer months, the water evaporates, leaving behind small mineral pools of different colours. The lake is said to have the highest natural concentration of this mineral in the world, which is why it was used to manufacture ammunition during the First World War. To see this unusual lake, you would need to head out on Highway 3 outside of Osoyoos. The native Okanagan people believe this unusual lake to be sacred and use the mud to treat aches and ailments.

Spotted Lake_Mother Nature Network
Source: Mother Nature Network

3. Tunnel of Love

Location: Ukraine

When you first see this tunnel in Ukraine, it looks like something out of a fairy-tale. The tunnel is actually a section of industrial railway that links Klevan and Orzhiv. The rails are about five kilometres in length and are surrounded by green arches. The trees were deliberately planted during the Cold War to conceal the fact that they were transporting military hardware. While the rails are still in use, it’s a very romantic place to take a walk.

Source: Ukraine Kiev Tour

4. Thor’s Well

Location: Oregon

Also known as Spouting Horn, Thor’s Well is a massive sinkhole that sucks in water and shoots it out with great force. To see this natural phenomenon, you would need to take the Captain Cook Trail from the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area. It is absolutely fascinating but also dangerous, which is why visitors are advised to keep their distance, especially during high tide. Sinkholes like this usually start out as caves but once the roof of the cave collapses, it causes suction.

Thors Well_Flickr
Source: Flickr

5. Jellyfish Lake

Location: Palau

Palau is home to over 70 marine lakes and one of them is filled to the brim with colourful jellyfish. Even though they thought the lake’s marine life was coming to an end in 2012, jellyfish numbers have grown and the lake is now open to the public again. And you don’t need to worry about the jellyfish stinging you either.

Jellyfish Lake_Business Insider
Source: Business Insider

6. Sea of Stars

Location: Maldives

Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives attracts millions of visitors every year because of the bioluminescent sea plankton that light up the water. Most people say that the best time to see the plankton in their full glory is between August and November but this has been known to vary. Not only is it romantic but this destination makes for amazing photos.

Sea of Stars_When On Earth
Source: When On Earth

7. The Hand in the Desert

Location: Chile

Created by Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal, the Hand in the Desert is an unusual piece of art that is situated in the middle of the Atacama Desert, a few miles outside of Antofagasta. The artist’s work is usually linked to human suffering, with this sculpture perfectly capturing feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Hand in the Desert_CNN
Source: CNN

8. Huashan Mountain

Location: China This is definitely one for the daredevils. Huashan Mountain is home to one of the most treacherous hiking trails in the world. Located near Huayin in the Shaanxi province, the mountain has a lot of significant religious history and is considered one of the five most sacred mountains in the country.

Huashan Mountain_Lonely Planet
Source: Lonely Planet

9. Plain of Jars

Location: Laos

In the Xieng Khouang Province, you will find a field filled with megalithic stone jars. Research shows that the giant jars were used during ancient funeral ceremonies to brew rice wine for giants. Even though the area was bombed during the 1960s, it is not safe for visitors once again.

Plain of Jars_Trails of Indochina
Source: Trails of Indochina

10. Giant Crystal Cave

Location: Mexico

Located at Naica Mine, this amazing cave is made up of shiny mineral pillars that are rooted deep in the earth. Research shows that these pillars have been growing underneath the city for over 500,000 years. This is definitely one for the science and nature fanatics.

Giant Crystal Cave_Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

11. Glass Beach

Location: California

After years of rubbish being dumped onto this beach in California, nature turned things around by breaking everything down and turning it into colourful pebbles. This glittering beach is something to behold, especially considering Mother Nature did this all on her own. Unfortunately, because people keep taking the glass pebbles home with them, you may not be able to visit this beach for much longer.

Glass Beach_California Beaches
Source: California Beaches

12. Fingal’s Cave

Location: Scotland

A lot of people have seen rounded caves but not many people have seen symmetrical square caves such as this one. Located on the tiny island of Staffa, this dramatic cave is comprised entirely of hexagonal basalt columns that formed when a single lava flow cooled around 60 million years ago. You will only be able to enter the cave at low tide and will need to arrange a tour.

Fingals Cave_Travel Awaits
Source: Travel Awaits

Now, all that’s left for you to do is decide which one of these sites you would like to see first. Happy travels!


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