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5 Sleep Hacks to Wake Up More Refreshed

Are you always tired in the morning? Wonder why you can't stay focused and get things done? Just because you're getting eight hours of rest, it doesn't mean you actually sleep well.

By Andra Picincu

Are you always tired in the morning? Wonder why you can’t stay focused and get things done? Just because you’re getting eight hours of rest, it doesn’t mean you actually sleep well.

Stress, bad eating, sleep apnea, and certain environmental factors can affect your internal clock. For instance, eating a heavy meal for dinner will cause your body to work harder at night to digest it, leading to a poor sleep.

It’s in your power to catch more Zzz’s and wake up refreshed. Try these sleep hacks to wake up ready for work and boost your energy naturally:


Turn Off Your Gadgets

Start by turning off the TV, smartphone, iPad, and other devices you’re using at bedtime. These gadgets emit blue light, which suppresses melatonin production and affects sleep quality.

Researchers have also linked blue light to a higher risk of breast and prostate cancer, obesity, and cardiovascular problems. The more you use electronic devices, the more your health will suffer.


Cut Back on Alcohol

Drinking a glass of wine before bedtime may seem like the perfect way to relax. Even though alcohol helps you fall asleep more quickly, it affects your circadian rhythms. This leads to a more disrupted sleep, vivid dreams, and low energy the day after.


Try Aromatherapy

Essentials oils are highly concentrated and boast relaxing effects. Inhaling lavender essential oil, for instance, will have a greater impact on sleep quality than drinking lavender tea. All you need to do is to diffuse it into the air or pour a few drops on your pillows – or in bathwater.

Experiment with different essential oils to find one that works best for you. Try lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang, sandalwood, or bergamot oils. These healthful concoctions relax the mind and body, lift your mood, and promote a restful sleep.


Create a Bedtime Routine

Humans are creatures of habit. Our bodies need a consistent schedule for sleep, eating, and work. Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day can improve your sleep and well-being.

Whenever you stay up past your normal bedtime, you’re disrupting your internal clock. Plus, your body begins to produce stress hormones that further affect your sleep and energy levels.


Eat for a Better Sleep

What you eat before bedtime can make or break your sleep. Avoid large meals, fatty foods, chocolate, and sugary treats.

The perfect bedtime snack should be high in protein and amino acids. Casein protein shakes, cottage cheese, yogurt, and fish are all a great choice.

Also, get your bedroom ready for a good night’s sleep. Eliminate noise, set the temperature lower than usual, and block any light. Wear an eye mask and earplugs if necessary.


Jenny Cohen Drefler

Jenny Cohen Derfler

Air Dr CEO & Co-Founder

Jenny is the CEO and one of the Co-Founders at Air Doctor. She spent more than 20 years at Intel, most recently as general manager of its manufacturing facility in Israel and before that in various engineering and manufacturing roles in Silicon Valley. Air Doctor is her second startup having previously founded electric vehicle company ElectRoad.