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crystal healing

The Ultimate Guide To Crystal Healing (AKA Lithotherapy)

From ancient origins to modern-day applications, this guide will break down everything you need to know about crystal healing!
best method of travel chronically ill

Traveling with Chronic Illness: Your Guide to Health on the Go

Explore our guide to traveling with chronic illness. We have all the chronic illness travel essentials for a safe journey.

Vaccine-Ready Travel: What You Need To Know About Vaccine Requirements for Travel

The essential travel vaccination guide to vaccine-ready travel. Learn about vaccination requirements for travel + tips to travel worry-free.
Increase pharmacy margin

How to Increase Pharmacy Profit in 20 Simple Ways

Want to know how to increase pharmacy profit? Learn how you can make more sales for your pharmacy with these 20 simple strategies now.
travelers diarrhea vs food poisoning

Tips For Avoiding (And Handling) Food Poisoning While Traveling

Got food poisoning while traveling? We’ve got handy tips, tricks, what to do if you’re ill, travel insurance coverage, and more in this blog!
expats in ireland

Living Abroad: Healthcare For Expats & More

Healthcare for expats can be tricky. Let’s look at planning your next adventure, what to do if you need healthcare abroad, and the best countries for expats!
how much is telemedicine

What Is Telemedicine: The Ultimate Guide To Telemedicine Services

What is telemedicine? How does it work? And what else do I need to know to get started? This blog post has everything you need to know.
can i use telemedicine without insurance

Telemedicine without Insurance: All You Need to Know

Telemedicine has changed healthcare, but how does it work if you don't have insurance? Find out about using telemedicine without insurance.
telemedicine for dermatology

Dermatology Telemedicine How To: Everything You Need To Know

Not sure how dermatology telemedicine works online? Here's everything you need to know about dermatology telemedicine and how it works.
how to do telemedicine appointment

Finding The Best Telemedicine Apps For You

With telemedicine apps, you can receive healthcare remotely. Find the best apps so you can get quality medical care wherever you are.
uses of telemedicine

How to Use Telemedicine: Ultimate Guide for Doctors and Patients

The use of telemedicine becomes more popular each year. Learn how to use telemedicine for doctors and patients, the uses of it, and more.
telehealth consultation

Your Guide to Telehealth: How It’s Different From Telemedicine & More!

Discover the basics of telehealth, how it's evolved, how it works, benefits for providers & patients, telehealth vs telemedicine, & more!
advantages of telehealth

Benefits of Telehealth 360: Telehealth Advantages for Patients & Providers

Find out the many benefits of telehealth for both patients and providers, as well as what to look out for, and more.
telehealth prescription refill

Everything You Need To Know About Telehealth Prescriptions + How To Get Them

Find out how to get telehealth prescriptions, which pharmacies accept telehealth prescriptions and more! We’ve got everything on telehealth prescriptions here.
prescriptions when travelling abroad

Your Ultimate Guide To Traveling & Prescription Medications

The ultimate guide to traveling with prescription drugs internationally - from flying with meds to filling prescriptions abroad.
how to get prescriptions abroad

Prescriptions While Traveling: Your Guide to Getting Medication Abroad

Not sure on how to get prescriptions when traveling? This guide has everything you need to know about getting prescription medication abroad.
airplane travel with prescription meds

Flying with Prescribed Drugs: How-to Pack, Tips & More! [Ultimate Travel Guide]

Not sure how to pack prescription meds for air travel? Find out everything you need to know from air travel rules for prescription drugs to how to pack prescription drugs for air travel.
prescription medication for traveler's diarrhea

Travelers Diarrhea: Get Prescribed Medicine while Abroad

Traveler's diarrhea can ruin your trip - make sure you know how to get a prescription for traveler's diarrhea even while you're abroad.
fill prescription while traveling

Filling Prescriptions Abroad: When Travelling Internationally 

Filling prescriptions abroad isn't straightforward. Filling prescriptions while traveling requires research and preparation. Here's what you should know.
how can i find a new family doctor

Finding a New Family Practice Doctor: 16 Must-Know Tips To Find A Good Family Doctor

Need to find a new family practice doctor or you want to change your family doctor? Learn how to find a good family doctor in simple ways. Find a doctor!
how can i see a doctor without health insurance

See a Doctor Without Health Insurance: Finding Reasonably Priced Doctors

Need to see a doctor but no insurance? Learn how to find a doctor when you don't have insurance, how much it costs, how to find one, and more.
find a doctor that takes my insurance

Finding A Doctor Covered By Your Insurance While Abroad

Asking yourself, how I can find a doctor that accepts my insurance abroad? Finding a reliable doctor overseas that’s covered by your insurance isn’t easy. Use Air Doctor!
finding a primary care doctor

6 Steps to Find a New Primary Care Doctor: Choosing the Right Doctor for You [Comprehensive Guide]

Finding a new primary care doctor can seem stressful, but we’ve got everything you need to learn how to find good primary care doctors within your network.
how to find a good functional medicine doctor

5 Ways to Find the Top Functional Medicine Doctors Near Me [Ultimate Guide]

Want to find the best functional medicine doctors near you - in your insurance network? Our ultimate guide has everything you need to know
how to find doctors in my network

How to Find Doctor in My Network: 7 Ways to Check Doctor Coverage 

Do you want to check how to find a doctor in your network? Learn now ways to check if a doctor is in your network coverage & how to find networks to choose a doctor.
Jenny Cohen Drefler

Jenny Cohen Derfler

Air Dr CEO & Co-Founder

Jenny is the CEO and one of the Co-Founders at Air Doctor. She spent more than 20 years at Intel, most recently as general manager of its manufacturing facility in Israel and before that in various engineering and manufacturing roles in Silicon Valley. Air Doctor is her second startup having previously founded electric vehicle company ElectRoad.