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We are looking for an Affiliate Manager.

The Affiliate manager will develop, implement, and optimize affiliate and digital marketing strategies. The affiliate manager will develop and manage the online affiliate program for an affiliate merchant, advertiser, or community manager. They will recruit new affiliates, manage the onboarding process, and ensure their audiences align with the company’s target market. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in affiliate marketing, knowledge of PPC advertising, and they will be able to balance and integrate both functions effectively.

Affiliate Marketing Management:

  • Develop, implement, and manage the affiliate marketing program to increase sales and drive brand awareness.
  • Recruit, onboard, and nurture relationships with affiliates and partners.
  • Monitor affiliate activities, analyze performance metrics, and provide regular performance reports.
  • Create and distribute promotional materials and content to affiliates.
  • Ensure compliance with affiliate program terms and conditions.
  • Identify and negotiate new affiliate partnerships and opportunities for growth.
  • Optimize affiliate marketing strategies to maximize ROI.
  • Work with thePPC manager to build campaigns across platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media advertising.
  • Conducted keyword research and optimized ad copy and landing pages for maximum conversion.
  • Monitor and analyze campaign performance, adjusting bids, budgets, and targeting as needed.


  • At least three years experience in affiliate marketing.
  • Experience in PPC campaign management.
  • Strong understanding of online advertising platforms and affiliate networks.
  • Proficient in using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and affiliate marketing software.
  • Excellent analytical skills with the ability to interpret data and make data-driven decisions.
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.


  • Fluent in English – a must
  • Proficiency in other languages – an advantage
  • Bachelor’s degree – an advantage
  • 1-2 years of experience with sales tools, including [Monday, HubSpot, etc.]
  • Proven track record of articulating product/service benefits and building rapport with prospects.
  • Strong communication skills, including written, verbal, presentation, and social media.

Please send CV to:
[email protected]

Jenny Cohen Drefler

Jenny Cohen Derfler

Air Dr CEO & Co-Founder

Jenny is the CEO and one of the Co-Founders at Air Doctor. She spent more than 20 years at Intel, most recently as general manager of its manufacturing facility in Israel and before that in various engineering and manufacturing roles in Silicon Valley. Air Doctor is her second startup having previously founded electric vehicle company ElectRoad.