7 of the Weirdest Foods You Will Ever Try

Fried Tarantulas – Cambodia

Apparently, they taste a bit like crab, so perhaps this is a food you might not have a problem trying

Huitlacoche – Mexico

Also known as Mexican truffle, this is a local delicacy that is actually a diseased corncob

Century Egg - China

It’s made by preserving duck, chicken, or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, and salt for months at a time

Jellied Moose Nose – Canada

The moose nose is boiled and re-boiled before it’s covered with a broth to make a jelly

Casu Marzu – Italy

This Sardinian delicacy is made from Pecorino and the live larvae of cheese flies to create a soft creamy cheese

Surströmming – Sweden

Just enough salt is added to raw herring to prevent it from rotting while it ferments. It’s usually eaten 6 months later

Tuna Eyeballs – Japan

You can order this delicacy in a restaurant or add them to your shopping cart at a local grocery store

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