A Travelers Guide to Healthcare in Japan

The Cost of Healthcare in Japan

If you are covered by health insurance, expect to pay anywhere between 5,000 - 10,000 JPY for a consultation at a clinic and 10,000 - 15,000 JPY at a hospital

Payment Methods Available in Japan

You can pay for healthcare services using a credit or debit card, mobile payment app, or IC card

You can buy medicine at either an ordinary drugstore (kusuriya) or a pharmacy (yakkyoku).   Note: Pharmacies in Japan do not fill foreign prescriptions

Visiting a Drugstore in Japan

Hospitals in Japan

There are fewer hospitals than clinics in Japan. Hospitals are only for urgent medical attention. Do not expect staff to speak your native language either

Clinics in Japan

If you know what kind of medical attention you need, then you can simply visit a clinic to receive treatment or a prescription

Prescription Medication

When you are in a Japanese drugstore, most of the packaging on the shelves is only the packaging and doesn’t include the medication itself.

After-Hour Emergencies

You can dial 119 throughout Japan to call an ambulance. Regardless of your nationality, Japanese ambulances are free

Telehealth Services

All kinds of telehealth services are available in Japan, but every medical facility is allowed to decide whether to adopt these services.

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