My Therapist Is Leaving Me – What Now?

Don’t Panic

Your therapist will give you a few months’ notice and help you find someone new

Ask your therapist for more than one recommendation in case you don’t like the first therapist

Have Multiple Options

Be Prepared  for Questions

Remember that your new therapist will want to take some time to get to know you

Stay on Track

If you set goals with your therapist, stick to them, they’re there for a reason

Relook at  Your Session Schedule

You don’t need to stick to your regular session schedule with a new therapist if you’re not sure about them yet

You don’t need to agree to see the person your therapist has recommended  – don’t feel guilty

It’s Okay  to Say No

Don’t Give Up on Therapy

Even if it takes you a few months to find someone you’re comfortable with, don’t give up on therapy

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