8 Simple Steps for Planning an Around the World Trip

The first step is to create a list of all the places you’ve always wanted to see

1. Make a Travel Wish List

2. Map a Path

Now that you know where you want to go, you can start mapping a logical path between these destinations

3. Set a Budget

This will help you remove or add destinations to your itinerary

4. Start Booking

You can now start booking flights, accommodation, train tickets, & more. Organize your bookings in a folder

Knowing what weather to expect will help you pack correctly & smartly

5. Look at  the Weather

6. Decide  What You  Want to See

Make the most of your time by creating a list of the sites you want to see. Leave some room for spontaneity

Make a list of the documents you will need for each of your destinations

7. Prep Your Documents

8. Share  Your Itinerary

The final step before you leave is to share your itinerary with friends and family, especially if you’re traveling alone

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