10 of the Most Beautiful Places to See in the United States

This surreal canyon is close to Lake Powell and is made up of orange, red, and pink sandstone arches and walls

1. Antelope   Canyon


This UNESCO World Heritage Site is rich in culture and is pristinely beautiful

2. Philadelphia


Stunning coastlines, beautiful waterfalls, and lush green mountains is just some of what you will find in Kauai

3. Kauai


Everyone should experience these white crystal sand dunes at least once

4. White Sands    National Park

New Mexico

If you’re looking for one of the most picturesque hiking spots, Acadia National Park is a must-see

5. Acadia     National Park


Resting peacefully within Mount Mazama, Crater Lake is 53 square kilometers and 2000 feet deep

6. Crater Lake


This beautiful city is paved with cobblestones and is home to churches, museums, and Forsyth Park

7. Savannah


If you love swimming in clean, clear water and catching unforgettable sunsets, visit Big Sur

8. Big Sur


Calling all star gazers!

9. Monument     Rocks


Delicious food, smooth jazz music, and beautiful historical buildings await you in New Orleans

10. New      Orleans


Here are the most beautiful spots in Indonesia

Feel like visiting an island instead?