Tips for Living with a Shellfish Allergy

Signs & Symptoms of a Shellfish Allergy

-  trouble breathing -  coughing -  throat tightness -  belly pain -  vomiting -  diarrhea -  itchy, watery,     or swollen eyes -  red spots or hives -  swelling

Foods You Can’t Eat

Crustaceans: - Crab - Crawfish (crayfish,   crawdads) - Langoustines - Lobster - Prawns - Sea urchin - Shrimp

More Foods You Can’t Eat

Mollusks: -  Abalone -  Clams (quahogs) -  Cockles -  Limpets -  Mussels -  Octopus -  Oysters -  Scallops -  Snails (escargot; both    sea and land snails) -  Squid (calamari)

Non-Food Sources of Shellfish

-  Compost or fertilizers -  Fish food -  Pet food -  HemCon bandages -  Some calcium    supplements -  Some Omega-3    supplements

Tips for Living with a Shellfish Allergy

-  Check restaurant menus ahead of time -  Make those closest to you aware of your allergy -  Be wary of foods that were made in facilities that use shellfish

More Tips…

-  Keep your epinephrine auto-injector on hand -  Stay away from steam tables that are used to cook shellfish -  Check the ingredients of every product before you use it

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