Can Swimming Pools Cause Colds?

A CDC study revealed that  1 in 3 swimming-related illnesses were linked to hotel pools or hot tubs

Some common issues you can pick up from public swimming areas are:

•  Diarrhea •  Skin rashes •  Respiratory illness •  Cough and congestion •  Eye infections •  Ear infections or    swimmer’s ear

So, can swimming cause a cold?

Since the bacteria that cause the common cold can enter water, you can catch a cold from swimming in a pool.

Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Sick in the Future

•  Try not to swim after    heavy rainfall •  Avoid swallowing any    water •  Don’t swim in murky    water

•  Keep your ears dry •  Rinse off before and    after your swim •  Don’t swim with open    wounds •  Don’t swim if you’ve    recently had diarrhea

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