7 Underwater Hotels to Stay at Least Once

1. The Manta Resort


Located on Pemba Island, this exclusive underwater room has 3 different levels

2. Resorts World Sentosa


This resort has 11 two-story underwater suites on offer, with the aquarium housing over 40,000 fish

3. The Muraka


Opened in 2018, this Hilton underwater hotel is located 16 feet below the surface

4. Utter Inn Hotel


Not only do you get to stay under a lake, but you can do so at a fraction of the cost

5. Atlantis


This aquatic wonderland is one of the most luxurious stays you can have in Dubai

6. Planet Ocean


This underwater hotel is focused on coral restoration, so expect beautiful marine views

7. Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland


This 5-star hotel has two submerged floors. Guests can even take a swim underwater!

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