7 Best Local Pubs to Visit in Chicago

Secret Sound

If you love cocktails, why not get one from the Best Cocktail Bar in America (Yes, that’s a real award)

Source: One Girl, Whole World

Lazy Bird

This classy bar has smooth written all over it. Go here to get away from the crowds

Source: The Hoxton

The Beer  Temple

If affordable craft beers is music to your ears, this is the pub to head to

Source: The Beer Temple

Lost Lake

Always enjoyed a tiki bar? This is one of the best choices for cocktails, good music & island vibes

Source: Chicago Tribune


This no-nonsense bar is known for its wide selection of beer and whisky

Source: Chicago Tribune


If a sexy night out is more up your alley, grab a drink at this trendy spot in Albany Park

Source: Bokeh Chicago


What is a list of bars if we don’t include a dive bar? This is the best country rock house in Chicago

Source: Indie on the Move

Singapore is another destination known for its bars.

Here’s why you  should see it