Budapest: 5 Places to Go for Panoramic Views

Budapest, the Magyar metropolis, is without a doubt one of Europe’s most sought-after travel destinations. The reasons for this are many. Budapest is not only renowned for its exquisite architecture and its affordable prices, but it has a broad spectrum of cultural beauty, a vivid nightlife, thermal baths, and enough top-notch restaurants and pubs to keep everyone well satisfied.

If you’re planning on visiting Budapest, then bringing a camera for some exquisite photos is a must. You can try your luck to capture the city’s unique look and snap some incredible panoramic shots, or simply relax while enjoying the panoramic views.


Located at 235 meters height atop the Gellert Hill, the Citadel is a fortress built in 1854, which is today included in the UNESCO World Heritage program. The Citadel has long been one of the best places to get a panoramic view over the city and one of the most popular relaxation places for both tourists and locals. The unique view-angle shot should include the Elizabeth Bridge, and the curving Danube.

Saint Stephen’s Basilica

The St. Stephen’s Basilica is one of Budapest’s most popular tourist attractions. The Basilica itself is an example of beauty in architecture with two bell towers and grand celestial stained-glass windows.

It’s the biggest church in Budapest and has been named one of the most photographed spots in the world in 2014. However, you can opt to climb the stairs or take the elevator to the rooftop which boasts a circular balcony that encompasses the dome. From here, you can take breathtaking panoramic shots of the whole city on clear days or just let yourself be carried away by the landscape.

Fisherman’s Bastion

Located closely to the Buda castle in Buda, the views offered by Fisherman’s Bastion are the type that can bring shivers down your spine. The place makes for an excellent viewpoint over the Danube river, the Parliament, and the city’s sweeping skyline. Make sure you go at sunset, position your camera towards the Parliament building, and try to capture a few boats cruising down and up the Danube for a compositional masterpiece.

Rooftop bars

One thing Budapest does not lack is rooftop bars. This is wonderful news for tall locations enthusiasts that want to relax while enjoying a tremendous panoramic view of Hungary’s capital city. One of the best bars of this sort is the 360 Bar located atop one of the tallest buildings on the history of Andrassy Avenue. As its name suggests, the bar boasts a phenomenal 360-degree view over Budapest. The only thing to remember is that the bar is only open throughout summer.

Elizabeth Lookout Tower

The Elizabeth Lookout tower is located in the hills of Buda atop the Janos Hill. Contrary to what most tourists might believe, Janos Hill is the highest point in Budapest. You can either hike or take a chair lift to the peak, but whatever you choose it will be worth it since the views are matchless.

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